Berneas Hair Fashion Tours (BHFT)

'Bob In The Cut'
5 City Student Competition

Entry Fee: $25

Rules and Regulations (Prior To Event)

1. Contest open to all cosmetology students (student competitors must have proof of enrollment).

2. One mannequin per contestant.

3. All contestants give full permission for photos and videos that are taken for and during the competition to be used by BHFT.

4. Contestants can either register on or in person.

5. Mannequin head must be pre-colored at your teaching institution. Make sure to take before and after pictures to prove that you did the coloring (video/picture etc.) All haircutting will be done on stage the day of the show.

6. Mannequins hair cannot have extensions or weaves, but come as is as long as it is long enough to cut and transform into the Bob In The Cut.

7. Prior to cutting the mannequins hair in the competition area, half of the mannequins head must be cut and seen by the judges. once seen by the judges the remaining of the hair cut will be done on stage.

8. It is the responsibility of each competitor to secure and furnish his or her own mannequin, tools, and any necessary supplies at his or her own expense.

Rules and Regulations (Day of Event)

1. Arrival itinerary will be provided prior to day of competition.

2. No electrical on stage.

3. Mannequins must be prepped and ready for the haircutting competition 30min prior to competition.

4. Contestants may not leave the competition area after the competition has started and may only be excused by the competition chairman. Anyone found leaving without permission will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Contestants are not allowed to touch their mannequins once seated in the competition area until directed by the competition chairman.

6. If there is coaching from the audience for any competitor, the competitor will have points deducted from the score and possible disqualification.

7. All decisions of the judges are final.

Contestants arriving after the start of the competition will not be allowed to compete.


100% of the judging will be done by our selected judges.

- Showmanship
- Execution of Haircut
- Overall Look
- Creativity


1st Place winner: $150, Merchandise, Certificate to Berneas Alumni Academy, Trophy     
2nd Place winner: $100 worth of Product, Merchandise, Participation Certificate     
3rd Place and others: Merchandise, Participation Certificate