LSB Scholarship Fund

The LSB Foundation is founded in the name of LaQuette Sauntel Burnett. LaQuette was one of the finest stylists in our industry, and in her short life span did more than most stylists in a full life time. She was licensed before she graduated from high school, worked for a color company and from that point, it took her to travel Europe, Paris, Rome, etc... educating there. She opened her salon at age 24 and continued to educate herself and others. LaQuette was a gypsy. She would float into your life, educate you, give you the hope you needed to be successful, give you life, and be gone on to her next destiny. She was a force to be reckoned with, super talented in haircutting (winning numerous awards) and hair-haircoloring, she was a master, she was born to be a mix master and clients loved her. Though she has passed on early, she is not forgotten

She left a legacy her parents think all should know and benefit from. Thus the LSB Foundation. Her parents are Carnette and Maurice Burnett. They too are and have been a part of the cosmetology industry. They are BHA (Bernaes Haircutting Academy), HFT (Hair Fashion Tours) and also part owners of MIXED Institute of Cosmetology. The whole family has given back to the industry, and now want their daughter to lead the way for students. We offer mentorship, education, travel, and great possibility for job placement in the future for students we get involved with the LSB Foundation.

The LSB scholarship fund will provide students the opportunity to receive a scholarship through our program for paying tuition for beauty college, books and money to get them through tough times until school is finished. The student will submit a video explaining why he or she should be considered for the scholarship and how it will benefit the student while in school. They need to explain what their plans are when they get out of beauty college and future plans. The LSB Foundation selects students once a year from this worldwide online program and will benefit each winner with scholarships and prizes from our sponsors. Students are chosen by members of the HFT group once videos are viewed.

Carnette Burnett
1111 Howe Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825