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Want to be a model for BHFT?

If you're interested in becoming a hair or fashion model for BHFT, select your platform and sign up!

'Bob In The Cut'

BHFT 5 City Student Competition


Enter in your city for a chance to win a Berneas Academy Scholarship to become an Bernaes Academy Alumni (which includes hotel accomodations/flight), $150 cash, premium style products and a 1st place trophy!

There will be 1 winner from each city and all you have to do is enter the student "Bob In The Cut" competition and demonstrate your skills on a live model in your city!

         Entry Fee: $25

Barber Battle

Berneas Barbering Competition

Competition Description

Enter in your city for a chance to win a 1st place trophy, $250 cash, premium style products, and an all-expensed paid trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico to represent your city in the finale barber battle.
          Entry Fee: $50

Represent Your City
BHFT Influencers
Salons&Fashion Designers


Berneas Hair Fashion Tours (BHFT) is recognizing, showcasing, and celebrating you as an influencer in your city. Part of the tours agenda is to introduce you to the industry as a tastemaker. Apply now! 

BHFT influencers are selectively chosen and are recognized as industry leaders due to their contributions to causes that impact their industry, community, and businesses. From each city, one influencer will receive an all-expense paid invitation to join us in the grand finale show event.

If interested, fill out this form to take the next steps in becoming a BHFT Influencer in your city!

Maven's Partnership

Become a BHFT Educator


Berneas Hair Fashion Tours emerged from the commitment to develop and empower the artisans who style the world and enhance the experiences they create with the rest of the world.

From this partnership we expect a multi-year commitment where this partnership uses the tour as a vehicle to assist the spreading and elevation of each mavens’ individual brands across the visited cities and beyond.

If interested, fill out this form to take the first steps in becoming a Berneas Hair Fashion Tour Maven!

Judging Criteria