Berneas Academy

From Los Angeles to London, Berneas Academy Educational Team has earned an international reputation for innovative training programs. Our authentically developed Schism Cutting System was created to take your skills to new and exciting levels! This new approach to cutting helps to simplify the process from beginning to end. It also saves time and stimulates creativity.

In 40 years, the Berneas team developed a league of successful hair professionals that remain connected to the organization and contribute to their nationwide agenda. From inception, our goals were to first: raise the consciousness of style professionals, and second: to provide the tools, resources, and education that support growth and sustainability.

Today, Berneas leads the industry in technical and professionals training for textured hair salons. The Berneas brand is internationally recognized for having true passion for the science of multi-cultured hair. The training and improvement programs we introduce elevate textured hair stylists and the salons they operate in.

Berneas Academy Classes


Schism I

Develop a firm foundation and the essential skills necessary for cutting shape, style and design by implementing our Schism Cutting System.

-   BIA's 9 - Point Cutting Theory & Schismatic Application
-   Efficient Shear Control
-   Discipline of Parting and Degrees
-   Stylist's Body - Control and Positioning

Schism II

Get closer introduced to innovative and exciting ways of cutting hair. Get in the driver seat of the creative and artistic expression with the technique that saves time, simplifies and stimulates.

-   Advanced Schismatic Application
-   Sustained Focus
-   Texture Control
-   Balance Appreciation

Design Progression

Learn the discipline of focus and consistency as you gain ability to elevate your creative cutting and advanced shaping techniques.

-   Design Shape - Adapting to Clients' Face Shapes
-   Design Balance - The 3 Viewing Points
-   Design Execution - Visualization to Completion
-   Design Texture - Essential Tools and Techniques

Creative Freedom

Expand the boundaries of your creativity and explore new ways of artistic expression using the advanced Schism haircutting system

-   Creative thinking
-   Creative Vision
-   Creative Technique
-   Knowing Your Tools

Power of Color 101

Discover the chemistry of hair color. Understand how the Wheel of Color works. Establish a strong foundation of color formulation and application.

-   Theory of Color
-   Color Formulation
-   Color Techniques

Advanced Formulation & Techniques

This class will feature multi-dimensional color placement as well as quick foil techniques. You will also learn how to blend custom color formulations.

-   Underlaying Pigment Recognition
-   Directional Placement
-   Creative Partings 
-   Multiple Color Gradiation

Photo Shoot Experience

Let us work together to make your shoots reach new heights. Find out what it takes to get your work accepted by Beauty & Fashion magazine editors all over the world. This is a course for those seeking more adventure in their careers.

-   Live Photo Session
-   Budget
-   Theme
-   Wardrobe
-   Makeup Artist
-   Photographer

2021 Berneas Academy Virtual Class Schedule

January 11, 2021

May 24, 2021


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Backbar Pro Products

BBP Spray Moisture and BBP Moisture Mist are the first steps to keeping hair healthy and the PH normal. A revolutionary liquid contraction (restores elasticity and moisture) product in a bottle. It will be an experience you will love forever; A must have tool in every salon on every Back Bar. Strengthens and moisturizes, keeps hair in optimum condition when chemicals are used: 

(a) Color, (b) Pre-lightening, (c) Relaxers, (d) Thermal Styling.

Backbar Pro

Spray Neutralizer

-  Removes swelling
-   Re-Aligns the cuticle
-   Brings your hair back to a balanced pH


Backbar Pro

Moisture Mist

-   Replenishes moisture to dehydrated hair

Berneas HFT Mavens


Sharon Reams

Sharon has been a veteran hair stylist for more than 30 years. She is a recognized International Educator/Platform Artist, who has traveled the world demonstrating her award winning Braidless extensions and hair replacement techniques that are transforming the hair industry. Sharon has a true passion for helping others to unleash their true potential as a hair replacement and hair loss specialist.

Her techniques were designed for clients with fine hair and permanent hair loss (Alopecia) without the use of braids, quick weaves, clips, links or infusions. By attending her classes, seminars or workshops you can triple you extension knowledge and profits. Making money in your salon is easy when you can satisfy all of your clients changing needs!

Learn more at

Kimbe Abernathy

COACHKimbe industry professional of 18+ years specializes in positioning Hairstylists, Barbers & Cosmetologists to create success behind, in front, and away from the chair through framework & TACT methods that increases annual revenue, start-up business survival, and building assets to secure a future. 

How? - Because she did it for herself, transformed her career from struggle money with an uncertain purpose hairstylist to an above average revenue stylist. COACHKimbe is committed to helping professionals like you hit their next level. 

“I coach passionate professionals who work hard and want their efforts to match their coins!"

Learn more at

Carnette Burnnett

Carnette Burnnett is a 30+ years experienced hair professional in the hair industry raising consciousness of styling professionals, providing tools, resources, and education that support growth and sustainability.

With Berneas Academy, Carnette leads the industry in technical and professional training for textured hair salons.

Learn more about Berneas Academy and courses here.

Andre Smith aka Cutsbydre

Andre Smith aka Cutsbydre is the proud owner of Flaucy & 2 Flaucy Barbershop & Hairstudio. He has been a Barber/stylist for 7 years, and has won over 10 Barber awards, including the Barber icon award. He is passionate about his work and his business. He’s ready to take this industry to the next level!

Learn more about Dre F and 2 Flaucy here.

Alesyah Flores

At a young age, I was always into creating different hair styles. I began to notice it allowed me to express my creativity, as well as my passion and love for hair. Right then, the foundation of Moraee International was established. At that point I made it my mission to install self confidence, and reassure beauty for every person that looked in the mirror.

Through years of crafting and educating our team on the importance of healthy hair. We began to develop a series of unique products that would not fit in the box of normal hair care standards, but would obliterate what was once the standard. 

With our commitment to our customers, community and commonwealth of the environment we like to present to MII Professional.

Learn more by visiting her website here!