Berneas Hair Fashion Tours (BHFT)

Berneas Barber Battle

Entry Fee: $50

Rules and Regulations

1. This competition is only open to licensed barbers and cosmetologist. [Lic. ID # is required]
2. The barber must sign and submit the Registration Form and the required fee (non refundable). In doing so, the barber agrees to abide by the decision of the judges.

3. NO at the door registration allowed. All sign ups must sign up a week prior to the competition date.

4. It is the barbers responsibility to secure their own model and create their theme/concept for their model (Head to toe)

5. No prep-work may be done on the models before the competition. All cutting, including the basic hair cut MUST be done during the event. The starting point of the heads is to be a “Clean Canvas”.

6. Make sure to bring any supplies such as cape, neck strips, neck clips, and any other necessary supplies. supplies will NOT be provided by event coordinators.

7. There will only be a maximum of 12 contestants for each contest. There are No refunds or exchanges for any competitions if any category is not filled.

8. Cash will be awarded to the 1st place only; 2nd and 3rd place position will receive participation ribbons and prizes.

9. All models should be at least 16 yrs. of age (with guardian approval) or older.

10. All contestants must check in at the registration area by 4:00pm at Event Venue. If a contestant is late, they will forfeit their place in the competition and their paid entry fee or fees. Please look for “Check In” when you arrive at the battle venue.

11. Models must be dressed and ready 30min prior to competition.

12. Contestants and models may not leave the competition area after the competition has started and may only be excused by the competition chairman. Anyone found leaving without permission will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.

13. Contestants are not allowed to touch their models once seated in the competition area until directed by the competition chairman.

14. If there is coaching from the audience for any competitor, the competitor will have points deducted from the score and possible disqualification.

15. All contestants will have a specific time to complete their model. Judging will be conducted on a point system. If there is a tie in a category or prize placement, the judges will determine the final winner. All decision of the judges are final. The judges scoring sheet will be available to the contestants after the awards ceremony.

Barber Battle Time Limit: 30 minutes


40 Barber Cut & Color
10 Graphic Design 
20 Artistic Originality (have we seen that before?)
15 Showmanship
15 Finished overall look of model (head to toe, so pay attention to your theme)

100 Points in total


1st Place winner: $250 in cash + Products + Trophy + All paid expenses to Grand Finale Destination     
2nd Place winner: Products + Plaque
3rd Place and others: Plaque